KAS TRUP Credits

With extreme gratitude and love, I am honored to have such a talented band and crew of engineers involved with this EP. Thank you to everyone who helped me make and record this music. Special thank you to my immediate family and good friend, Joe Holmes, for your ongoing support and encouragement during the recording process.


Credits for "KAS TRUP" EP:

Hani Latif - Vocals/Guitar

Dominic Cifarelli (The Chronicles of Israfel, Pulse Ultra) - guitar

Oliver Hild (Ananova, Races) - bass

Sammy J Watson (The Apex Theory) - drums. 


Produced by Hani Latif.

Drums recorded at Matt Sorum's Drac Studios in Hollywood, CA Engineer: Chad Mitchell Schlosser.

Guitars Recorded at Skylab Studio in Encino,CA Engineer: Tommy Dietrick.

Bass and strings recorded at Oli's Studio in North Hollywood, CA Engineer: Oliver Hild.

Strings and organ for "Human Piñata" composed by Garth Herberg. Cello recorded by Emily Elkins.

Vocals recorded at Thud Studios in North Hollywood, CA Engineer: Bekki Friesen.

Gang Vocals for "History Repeats" recorded by Hani Latif and Shant Sarkissian.

Mixed by Darren LaGroe at Sonic Freq Studio, Agoura Hills, CA

Drums mixed by Rich Mouser at Mouse House Studio, Pasadena, CA

Mastered by Reuben Cohen @ Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles, CA