“Moody progressive alternative rock, combined with story telling textures of americana and blues”, you can catch Hani Latif in an intimate acoustic setting or throwing down with a full band. 

From Los Angeles to Copenhagen to Los Angeles to Nashville, Hani Latif is no stranger to reinventing himself and evolving deeper into the mazes of his audible heart. Represented by Velvethammer management while in the midst of signing with Columbia Records, Hani was the fronting and co-founding member of the Los Angeles based rock band, Ananova. Produced by Josh Abraham at Pulse Recording Studios, the band completed a self titled EP that started a buzz around the LA music scene. During which time, mutual manager, Beno introduced guitarist, Dominic Cifarelli of Montreal band, Pulse Ultra to Hani after a local Ananova show and the two stayed in touch. Fast forward a few years past both bands breaking up, Hani and Dominic once again were brought together by Beno, now with the intention of writing and a potential new project. Dom flew from Montreal to meet Hani in Los Angeles and together created the bones for songs "We're All Hypocrites", "The Pleasure's All Yours" and "Human Piñata". Shortly after, however, Dominic was recruited to play bass for Scars On Broadway and the songs were put on hold. 

Hani went on to audition for The Apex Theory, where he met drummer, Sammy J Watson and collaborated with the band on an unreleased song, "351 Days A Year". Despite moving forward in different directions, Hani kept in touch and later reached out to Sammy to work on his debut solo release, KAS TRUP. Having written additional songs while spending time focusing on guitar, Hani combined the three songs written with Dominic and two songs, "History Repeats" and "The Upside Down" to create his debut EP. 

The compliment of both Dominic and Hani’s styles together creates a blend of attitude and vulnerability, which allows for a vast emotional platform from heavy riffs to soft musical subtleties. In bringing the music further to life, Sammy J Watson adds his innovative beats and unique feel to the dynamic character of each song. All the while, former band mate, Oliver Hild, splits the difference between swank and swagger on bass, rounding out the rhythmic relationship. Overall, this group of friends and unique pairing of musicians enrich a creative vision and emit vibes in the studio that speak volumes in sound.

Hani is currently working on new music in Nashville, Tennessee and making plans for upcoming performances.  


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